For over a decade now, the Water Vision programme organised by the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) and Coca-Cola has been encouraging youths to be aware of water issues affecting their community and engage them to be part of the solution. 

Water Vision Winner's Camp 2016
Pelajar membuat penerokaan alam semula jadi dan meninjau burung pada kem alam sekitar yang dianjurkan MNS di Taman Alam Kuala Selangor, tahun lalu.

Water Vision Winner's Camp 2016

This year’s programme takes a new twist on water stewardship by focusing on changing mindsets to instill recycling behavior as data has shown that the actions of our throwaway society have resulted in millions of tons of waste ending up in our oceans every year, harming aquatic life and littering beaches.

“The versatility of plastic and its low cost have made plastic products a big part of our lives, resulting in it becoming an environmental issue that we all need to address together as citizens of the world. Plastic pollution is avoidable if we move away from a throwaway society where containers, shopping bags and straws are used once and discarded indiscriminately. Recycling is one way of reducing it,” said MNS Executive Director, I.S. Shanmugaraj.

To instill this mindset and lifestyle change, the Water Vision programme gets students to set up recycling centres in their own secondary schools or local community, while educating them of the importance of recycling plastic materials to reduce the likelihood of it ending up in our waterways and oceans. 

Students are also educated on the different grades of plastic that can be recycled, how to sort them accordingly and clean them before selling them to the local recycling company for a small amount for their efforts.

Water Vision Winner's Camp 2016
Pemenang pertandingan Water Vision untuk tahun 2016. 
Running from November 2017 until January 2018, the three top teams with the best projects will win a nature camp experience while the winning school will receive a rainwater harvesting system that will provide a free source of water for many purposes in the school.

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