Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is a new and improved sugar-free Coca-Cola that replaces Coca-Cola Zero and tastes even more like the original Coca-Cola.

Available in Malaysia since May 2017, the new variant is the result of years of innovation and recipe development to match the taste of the original Coca-Cola but does not contain any sugar to offer more choices when choosing a no sugar option.

As well as the improved taste and the new name – Coca-Cola Zero Sugar – the packaging in line with the company’s ‘One Brand’ marketing strategy that makes it even clearer to consumers that the drink is sugar-free in response to research which showed that many people didn’t know that Coca-Cola Zero contained no sugar.

Tish Condeno, Marketing Director of Coca-Cola Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei, said the move is a shift from simply offering people a choice of drinks to actively pointing people to a no sugar Coca-Cola.

“We know that many people love the taste of the original Coca-Cola. We also know that some of them want to reduce their sugar intake but have been reluctant to try a no sugar option because they don’t think they taste as good as the original. That’s why we are excited to unveil the new Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, which matches the taste of the original Coca-Cola, but without the sugar.” 

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