Sugar! It’s an ingredient we read and hear a lot about. But did you know that Coca-Cola Zero Sugar contains absolutely no sugar at all? Here are five more facts about the way we're helping you quench your thirst or stay hydrated with less sugar...

1. We have many reduced or no-sugar, no-calories options 

Want your favourite drink, but don’t want the sugar? No problem.

In Malaysia, we offer more than 40 drinks with lower or no sugar options. These include Coca-Cola No Sugar, Coca-Cola Light, Aquarius, Schweppes Soda Water, glacéau vitaminwater, Heaven and Earth Jasmine Green Tea and Ayataka.

These are just some of our reduced and no-sugar, no-calorie options. Find out how we're evolving to give people around the world more of the drinks they want.

2. We’re removing sugar from some of our leading soft drinks

We’re busy working with our team of experts and nutritionists to refine our recipes and remove sugar from many of our regular soft drinks. That includes Coca Cola No Sugar which tastes and looks more like Coca-Cola Classic and replaces Coca Cola Zero.

What’s next? Between now and 2020, we will continue to offer more new drinks with lower sugar content or no sugar added, and gradually reduce the average sugar content in our portfolio of drinks.

3. We’ve been exploring different types of sweeteners

Cutting back on sugar doesn’t mean compromising on taste.

We’ve perfected ways of creating great-tasting drinks with less or no sugar, and the ways we do that are evolving over time. Stevia plant extract is the latest ingredient we’re using to reduce or replace the sugar in some of our drinks.

It’s a zero-calorie sweetener and comes from the leaves of the stevia plant. It's also the reason why you can now enjoy Coca-Cola Stevia that has 35% less sugar and calories (than Coca-Cola Classic), and give fans in Malaysia a fifth great cola to choose from.

4. We’re providing more portion sizes than ever before

When it comes to picking up a pack of your favourite soft drink, we know you want more choice. So that’s why we’ve made sure there’s a size to suit a range of occasions.

You can find our special edition 250ml can, standard 320ml can, 500ml bottle or a 1.5l bottle, designed for sharing with friends and family.

5. We’re using clearer labels on our packaging

People are busy and want a quick and easy way to see what’s in their food and drink.

So, when you pick up a can or bottle you’ll see that we put the calorie information right up front, and we list all the ingredients and nutritional information on the back – and on our website too – to help you make an informed choice and choose drinks which has lower or no sugar and calories. You can see the Healthier Choice Logo on the packaging for Coca-Cola No Sugar, Coca-Cola Stevia, Coca-Cola Light, Heaven and Earth Jasmine Green Tea and Ayataka.