Coca-Cola in the Community




Coca-Cola in the Community

For Coca-Cola®, water is at the heart of our business. In addition to being our primary ingredient, water is also central to our manufacturing process and necessary to grow the agricultural ingredients on which we rely. Safe, accessible water is also essential to the health of people and communities, critical to ecosystems and indispensable for economic prosperity—all things our business requires.

As such, we have a special interest in preserving and protecting local water sources that sustain communities because we share those very sources with the communities where we operate. The communities that host our bottling plants are also our consumer base, our marketplace—we almost always sell our products where we make them. So, our water stewardship programme is grounded in responsibility, but we also have a vested business interest. If communities stay strong, our business will stay strong; if the watersheds we share with them are conserved, those communities, and our business, can thrive.

So what does this mean locally?

In Malaysia, this includes working with Malaysian Nature Society (MNS), WWF-Malaysia, Raleigh International and Yayasan Kemanusiaan Muslim Aid Malaysia on various water stewardship programmes such as creating awareness of water conservation issues, bringing clean water into rural communities, rehabilitation of peatswamp forests, and protecting key water catchment areas.

Water for Life
In Malaysia, we have partnered with the Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM), Forestry Department Peninsular Malaysia and Yayasan Kemanusiaan Muslim Aid Malaysia for the Water for Life initiative. A collaborative partnership between the parties, the project was first kick started since 2014 and aims to increase water reserves rehabilitate degraded forests in Kluang Forest Reserve in Johor.

Clean Water for Communities
Over the last 10 years, Coca-Cola® has also worked with Raleigh International to preserve, conserve and restore clean, potable water for the villagers of rural Sabah. Our partner initiatives include building water gravity fed systems and the Clean Water for Communities programme, where we provide the villagers of Sabah with basic necessities such as having clean water piped into their homes or village for daily use, and improved sanitation and hygiene practices to reduce the occurrence of preventable diseases.

So far, our programmes in Malaysia has benefitted at least 21,600 villagers in Sabah.
See how our initiatives have helped the villagers of Sabah:

For more on our water initiatives, please click here.

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